Programs for companies and businessmen

Do you wish to be succesfull, overcome personal and bussiness challenges with your company, limit stress and still have enough energy to fully enjoy your free time and socialize with your family and friends? The time is now. Take care of your body and your companies potential.

For your needs we have prepared:

  • Organised classes for companies and their employees
  • Workshops specifically tailored to the needs of your company
  • Individual programs for businessmen
  • Coaching to achieve top results

We offer you:

  • A personalised approach
  • We adjust to your personal needs and the needs of your employees
  • Clases can be carried out beforehand, inbetween or after working hours (up to 20 minutes during workdays, 30-60 minutes normally)

Which excercises/classes do we perform?

  • pilates
  • workouts for a healty spine

Excercise results:

  • Boost of psychophysical capabilities and overall energ of you and your employees
  • Reduction or elimination of pains in per say the spinal area thus reducing the time of sick leave
  • Informal communication between employees improves
  • Boost of creativity and productivity


  • Reducing stress at work with being active
  • The 3 secrets to a healthy spine
  • Correct posture and how to boost your concentration
  • Nordic walking-the key to good posture
  • Healty diet for a healthy lifestyle, working efficitency and overall well being
  • A workshop of your choice

CONTACT US and we will adjust to your and your companies needs in order to achieve maximum collaboration. You can choose an individual service from our offer or combine them to your liking and needs.

We organise a FREE INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION at your company which can be used as a medium to promote health in your work environment.

Got any questions? Would you like to apply for your first class?