Pilates / Excercise for expectant mothers

Vadba za nosečnice

» From the twelfth week to childbirth in the company of highly qualified instructors. «


Pilates excercise for pregnant women is meant for all priorly active expectant mothers or beginners who wish to actively endure pregnancy, take care of their body, prepare it for birth and strenghten those parts of the body which are under the most stress during pregnancy and at birth.


With suitable and tailored pilates excercises we make sure that:

  • your back pains dissapear – these can be quite harsh during pregnancy
  • we strenghten your arm muscles, which have to be strong to be able to carry your newborn
  • strenghten all other muscles which are important during pregnancy
  • to teach you how to correctly tone up your pelvis muscles which are active during childbirth
  • you recover as fast as possible after birth
  • you have better conditioning, more energy, quality sleep and overall well-being
  • improved blood flow/circulation which prevents the swelling of legs and ankles
  • improved digestion
  • good control over your body and general stability as well as less weightgain during pregnancy


Excercise for pregnant women is a comfortable and relaxing activity. You need:

  • comfortable sports equipment,
  • a towel,
  • water,
  • you train barefoot or in socks.


Who carries out the excercise for pregnant women at Metulj Sports Society?

The instructor who carries out excercise for pregnant women in Metulj Sports Society is qualified for conducting the class during pregnancy. She obtained her qualification through the Society of physiotherapists of Slovenia which is the only official issuer of certificates for this delicate practice.



Every expectant mother has to consult her personal doctor, gynecologist or other specialized personnel prior to the start of her classes. This is especially mportant for those women who have problematic pregnancies or already have medical issues.


Special medical surveilance is required if you have:

    • any heart or respiratory diseases,
    • diabetes (even if you were diagnosed recently),
    • high blood pressure (even if it occured with the start of pregnancy),
    • if you had premature births or misscariages beforehand.

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