Pilates – group classes

Pilates is suitable for anyone. It is completely irrelevant if you are an athlete which seeks to complement his workout regime with pilates or if you are not as active and want to do something good for your body. Is your job stressfull? Pilates will ease tensions and relax your body. Maybe you sit behind a desk multiple hours at a time? Pilates will straighten out your stunted body and also lift your spirits.

Practicing pilates is benifitial for people with problems and pain in the cerebral area and frequent spasm and tense muscular tissue in the neck, women before and after birth and people who are recovering from injuries, illnesses and surgical operations, when muscle strenghtening is required to faster the healing process.

Important! It is crucial to be aware of the fact that practicing pilates while having health issues does not substitute vising a doctor or therapist. Pilates can be a wonderful side form of therapy as it can help prevent pain and injury. It is in the event of an injury or illness advised to consult your doctor prior to your first class.

Reasons put aside, try the excercise and feel it’s positive effect on your body. It will definitely tingle your senses.

We perform pilates for 60 minutes, with soothing music. The last 10-15 minutes are dedicated to relaxation.

Got any questions? Would you like to apply for your first class?