Workshops & Coaching

Throughout the year we organise various workshops based on different thematics. Workshops are suitable for for everybody who find it difficult to make time for regular practice and would like to educate themselves on living a healiter and more active lifestyle without pain and health issues. All workshops are practical.

For workshop dates follow our wepage news or subscribe to our newsletter with which you will be informed of all activities which take place during the year. You can also simply contact us and ask for dates or any other information you require.


Workshop thematics:

  • A vital pelvis
  • Neck pain
  • A healthy and strong spine
  • Carpal channel syndrome
  • And much more

Coaching is intended for individuals who wish to work on themselves and activate all of their inner potential to pursue personal goals. Coaching is a great method for helping individuals who have a stressfull job full of obligations and cannot solve the issues that this lifestyle brings on their own.


We offer coaching:

  • To understand and change your body and psychophysicall patterns
  • For a lifestyle change (activity + work + diet)

Got any questions? Would you like to apply for your first class?