Lea Adamič

Lea Adamič

Lea Adamič


To teach pilates is an absolute honour and I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to spread my love for it in my classes. I’m enthusiastic about exercises which focus on the link between the mind and the body: pilates, barre, yoga. I love to explore life’s opportunites and meeting new people, helping them to discover their inner potential. I am an advocate of the saying that activity, changes and the exploration of one’s abilities are the elements that make our lives full and interesting.

I love pilates because it teaches us how to control the mind over the body, it teaches stability, breathing and the control of movement which comes from our core. My form of pilates is based on classical foundations and the specific needs of my trainees. My goal is that you to assimilate the principles of pilates into your everyday life, which eases or eliminates chronic pain.

My favourite tool in the gym is a pilates ring.


  • STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor
  • Vaditelj pilatesa (GZS)
  • Tečaj varne vadbe v času nosečnosti (ZFS)

Ostala izobraževanja in delavnice:

  • Simpozij- Zdravljenje poškodb ramenskega in kolenskega sklepa (DFS, Ljubljana, junij 2015)
  • Varna vadba v času nosečnosti (Mamina Maza, Ljubljana, januar 2016)
  • Pilates z valjčkom, pilates z obročem in pilates z utežkami (Domžale, april 2016)
  • Seminar poporodna vadba (Mamina Maza, Ljubljana, maj 2016)
  • No Stress Aerial PRO seminar (No stress center, Ljubljana, avgust 2017)