Individual Pilates

Individual pilates classes are meant for:

  • People after an injury or operation/ post-rehabilitation
  • Athletes who strive for better results
  • People who wish to master the correct technique as fast as possible
  • People who don’t have enough time but need a professionally and quality excercise
  • People who simply enjoy one-on-one excercise more


The benefits:

  • Adaptability – you chose the time, place, lenght and intensity of the excercise which is suitable for people who have an unforseeable or harsh schedule.
  • You do not need to factor in other people-no excercise adjustments or unwanted waiting.
  • Suitable for people who wish to escape from their everday obligations and have fun in the company of an instructor, and those who do not wish to excercise in front of other people.
  • We talk about your personal goals and motivation.
  • Excercises are tailored to your specific needs and conditioning
  • Individual pilates can be carried out at your home or rented space (as agreed upon). The excercise is adjusted to your time schedule.

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